Registration - Instructions

Web registration

Please read these instructions carefully before registering!

You can pay the pre-registration entry fee as late as the week before GothCon starts.

If you are late with paying your pre-registration fee, you will need pay the difference at check-in. That's why it is important to pay on time.

When pre-ordering dinner, t-shirts or registrer for competitions and events we need your payment on February 28 at the latest! (We need your payment for both the events and the entry fee)

Registration is personal and binding.

Register for GothCon here.

How to go about it

Log in with your existing account, or create a new one if you don't have an existing. If the error message “personnummer finns redan” appears, it most likely means that you already have an account. In case you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it. If you have questions regarding your registration, please contact

  1. 1)Start by filling in your profile details, or update them if you've moved since your last visit.
  2. 2)Pick the games you would like to play (in case of team games, see further instructions below) and pick any articles, like dinner, breakfast, T-shirt, cup or sleeping room.
  3. 3)Click on the tab ”betalningssammanfattning”. There you can se a summary of the order and the total price.
  4. 4)Pay the entire amount to GothCon's Plusgirokonto (487 56 09-2).
  5. Don't forget to enter your social security number on your payment, so that we can locate who it's from.

Team registration

When registering a tem for one of the events, the team captain creats the team and assigns it a nam and password. The captain then chooses what games the team should play and pays for any additional fees. The rest of the members can join the team by entering the correct password, but cannot pick games or pay the team fees.

Important to remember

Bring a receipt of the plusgiro payment. Sometime there are trolls in the bank and we don't get a notification of your payment. Also remember that it takes a few days for the payment to reach us.

Payment must be in our possession for your registraion to be valid!

You'll be able to track your payment status on the web site.

Visitors from abroad

If you're living abroad, please contact our registration manager by email ( with all of the details mentioned above and then you can pay for your pre-registration on-site at the check-in.

This service is only available to visitors who do not live in Sweden.

Gift cards

Do you have a gift card that you want to use as entry into the convention? Then you have two options.
1)At the convention you can use the gift card as payment at check-in (note that you need to register an account with us, either in advance or at our computers on-site). This option works for those who do not want to preorder anything or register for a game or event.
2)Send an email to with your social security number and card number on the gift card. Then sign up according to the instructions above and make the pre-order and game deposit payment that you have signed up for.